JST Hospital readies for Coronavirus

With Bojanala Platinum District experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases, the North West Department of Health is making hospital beds in the District. Two wards at the Job Shimankana Tabane (JST) Hospital together with Rustenburg Town Clinic are being remodelled to make available 100 COVID-19 beds.
The beds will be used for people who are not able to isolate at home as well as suspected positive cases. The department said such patients would be kept away from others as they would be regarded as people under investigation.

“The remodelling is at an advanced stage. We will be able to accommodate patients in the coming weeks. Post COVID-19, the wards will be used for gynaecology purposes,” departmental administrator Jeanette Hunter said.

Furthermore, two field hospitals are being planned in the District which will make available 500 beds on top of the above-mentioned 100. A site on the JST hospital grounds is being prepared to accommodate 300 bed field hospital with the remaining 200 beds going to Moses Kotane Hospital.

COVID-19 confirmed cases in the North West Province have exceeded the 10 000 mark. In the last 24 hours, 638 new infections were reported taking the total number of infections to 10 525. The total number of recoveries stand at 2575.

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