Household sanitation STILL a must

“Keep sanitizing homes”, Health MEC said.

The North West Province has surpassed the 10 000 on Covid-19 cases. This makes the province 5th in the country after Kwazulu Natal who is at 4th with over 30 000 positive cases. While the president has banned the sale of alcohol in a bid to save lives, the provincial MEC for Health Madodo Sambatha said that household sanitation is still a concern.
“While we have been decontaminating health facilities whenever there is a case in such facilities, we have also picked up a concern over household sanitization from some of our community members. In this regard, COVID-19 regulations which were made public at the beginning of the pandemic still apply. It is therefore important that our people regularly clean and disinfect household surfaces like kitchen counter tops, tables, door handles, toilet seats and everywhere in the house where family members frequently converge”, said Sambatha.

The MEC has continued to emphasize the need to implement precautionary measures of preventing further spread of COVID-19 infections.
“It is equally important for all citizens to contribute to flattening the curve and stop spreading of the virus by keeping social distancing, wearing masks, ensuring proper hygiene by washing hands with soap and running or sanitizer when in public” he said.

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