Correction – Unhappy learner assault teacher in Zeerust NOT stabbed

A Grace 12 learner at Motswedi High School in Zeerust has been suspended pending disciplinary hearing. This comes after the learner allegedly assaulted a teacher and recorded a video footage that went viral on social media last Thursday. It is alleged that on the day of the incident sub-district officials and the school management assembled learners at the school to address them of the temporary school closure due to a confirmed case of Covid-19 amongst the teachers.
“After the meeting some of the learners were unhappy about the decision of closing the school and were seen arguing and assaulting a teacher. One of the learners was seen headbutting the teacher whilst others were insulting him” read a statement released by the department.

MEC for Education, Mmaphefo Matsemela said “as a department we view this as a very serious offence to be committed by learners. Teachers are parents to learners while they are in school and no child will be allowed to raise a hand towards them. l have instructed the officials of the department to ensure that a disciplinary hearing takes place as soon as possible against all learners involved in the incident”.

This is not the first incident. In 2019, a 17-year-old learner was sentenced to 10 years after for the murder of an educator in Ramotshere Technical High School – also in Zeerust.

Watch the video here:

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  1. What did this specific teacher do to attract the verbal abuse and physical attack at the hands of learners? Is it perhaps that he is strict? Why him? What do learners have against him? Was he stabbed? Why? On social media, the teacher tried by all means to avoid the confrontation. Why should teachers be made sacrificial lambs by the DoBE? The language used by female learners and the physical attack by a male learner are unwarranted. The rights of learners need revision and so should those of teachers. How should this teacher’s children view him? As a coward or what? The learners who abused the teacher must stay home and self educate with support from their parents. The behaviour of the group of Motswedi Secondary School Grade 12 who participated in this act should be dealt with harshly.


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