Save jobs and our businesses – North West Tourism Sector

By Nyakallo Mosala

South Africa will mark its fourth month of lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic on 26th July 2020. And with the vaccine or cure still a pipe dream, the tourism industry continues to bear the brunt of COVID-19 as the industry continues at a halt. It is for these reasons that the NorthWest Tourism Business Owners (NWTBO), held a province wide protests to district municipalities, as a plea to get their business to re-open for operation.

“Our outcry is to put pressure on government to re-open the industry. We believe that like other sectors that are open, it is about time government re-opens our sector as soon as possible. Tourism sector will also adhere to the strict Covid-19 regulations in safety of the travellers. We plead with the government and Covid-19 command council to save millions of jobs and also save the businesses from collapsing. We believe that should the lockdown be prolonged, at least 70% of small businesses in the sector will close shop,” read the statement.

The protests took place in Mahikeng, Mogwase, Haartbeespoort and Zeerust.

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