No Municipality can run its finances in the North West – Auditor General

All local and district municipalities in the North West received qualified reports from the Auditor General. This simply means all Municipalities in the North West failed to run their finances properly for the period of 2018-2019. Billions of rands are uncounted for. In the Bojalala district, only Moses Kotane managed to improve but still they recieved qualified report.

The Auditor-General of South Africa’s (AGSA) business executive responsible
for North West, Success Marota, today released the audit outcomes of local government for the period 2018-19. Accountability failures by senior management, municipal managers, mayors, municipal public accounts committees and councils are indicative
of a systemic breakdown in the discipline of financial control.
In the latest local government general report, the AGSA paints an undesirable picture of regression in audit outcomes, which completes a three-year downward trajectory in the
province where nine municipalities receiving disclaimed opinions and eight receiving qualified opinions. “The availability of documents or evidence to support financial activities remained the foremost challenge across the municipalities, as evidenced by
the number of repeat disclaimed opinions”. The inability of the province to reverse the trend of negative audit outcomes points to “a culture that is not proactive in dealing with control weaknesses flagged in prior years,” said Marota.

“The local government culture in the province is characterised by a history of a lack of discipline in the basic internal controls required to manage financial and performance records, and senior management who are unwilling to implement our recommendations
and those of other governance structures. Internal audit units and audit committees are rendered ineffective by unresponsive municipal managers, while councils tasked with oversight lack the political will to effect consequences. To reverse the negative trajectory,” said Marota.

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