Help Cops find these escapees from Hartbeesfontein police cells

Police in Hartbeesfontein would like to appeal to members of the community to assist with locating and or providing information that can lead to the re-arrest of four escapees.

The four escapees escaped from lawful custody in the early hours of Saturday morning, 26 September 2020 in Hartbeesfontein.

It was discovered during routine cell inspection at the station that the four detainees escaped. The Police are currently busy with an internal investigation determining the circumstances surrounding the escape.   

At the time of escape, Tebogo Monnamogolo (31) was in detention for residential burglary, Piet Sechele (26) for murder, Tebogo Moloko (28) for business robbery and Ranthati Mothobi (50) for rape. Members of the community are urged not to try and apprehend or confront the escapees as they may be dangerous.  Thus, anyone with information is requested to call the nearest police station or contact Captain Ananias Moleki on 082 416 0780.

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