Watch: Buantswa residents shutdown Rustenburg municipality over R10m tender

The Rustenburg Local Municipality came to a stand still today when outraged residents from Ward 7 of the municipality blockaded the main entrance. Scores of Buantswa residents came to the municipality armed with chains and locks and threatened to make the municipality ungovernable. Residents are up in arms following a tender they claim it undermines their capacity. This comes after a R10.3 million tender was awarded to a contractor allegedly from Gauteng. One of the Community Leaders, Neo Kgaje said the project will never take place until a local contractor is appointed. The contractor is already on site inspecting the area. Kgaje said they have capable companies to do the job and they don’t need a stranger to come and do the job. “We need that pavement at our village but we cannot allow the situation where we are undermined. This project will not take place – never – until the tender is given to a local contractor,” said Kgaje. Services were disrupted at the municipality and law enforcement was called in. The residents were forcefully removed. Another leader Chris Katenda said law enforcement officers assaulted them and they went to the police station to open assault cases. “We came here peacefully but we were beaten by law enforcers. That won’t stop us. The project will not take place,” said Katenda. Municipal spokesperson, David Magae confirmed the incident and said they had to act against the resident as they were preventing the municipality from daily operations. Magae said they will advertise for subcontracting as the main contractor has been appointed.

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