Ditsobotla council ousts EXCO

The Council of Ditsobotla Local Municipality has ousted Mayor Daniel Buthelezi and his Executive Committee with a motion of no confidence, during a Special Council sitting held on 15 January 2021. The majority of Councillors have unanimously voted in favour of the removal of the entire Executive Committee during that meeting.

The Council of Ditsobotla has instituted the motion of no confidence on the entire Executive committee based on its lacklustre performance and total failure to bring reports to Council about the appointment of a new financial management system, which is attributed among others to the municipality not billing consumers and producing annual financial statements for auditing purposes.

Furthermore, the Council is convinced  that the process of not billing consumers has adversely affected the cash flow  of the municipality and impacted on the funding of key service delivery programmes. 

Therefore, the Council had agreed in unison that the entire Executive Committee be ousted as it has failed dismally to play their oversight responsibilities pursuant to the legislation.

 Ditsobotla Council has once more shown confidence and trust on Councillor Tsholofelo Moreo and elected him the Mayor of Ditsobotla Local Municipality to replace Councillor Buthelezi. 

 When he accepted the position of the Mayor, Councillor Tsholofelo Moreo indicated that he is certainly aware of the task ahead, which was to expedite and provide service delivery consistently to the communities of Ditsobotla without any fail. However, Mayor Moreo had immediately hit the ground running by announcing his Executive Committee members, which he will work together with to steer Ditsobotla service delivery ship to high trajectory.

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