Concern as Bojanala residents disregard Covid-19 burial regulations

The Bojanala District Coronavirus Command Council (BDCCC) is concerned and disturbed by reports that some family members of the deceased who died of Covid-19 related conditions, continue to act recklessly during burials of their loved ones. One of the reports tabled before the weekly meeting of the BDCCC, described the situation as very disturbing where some family members would physically open the coffin and view the deceased during the burial.
The reports further say these families of the deceased would do this without adhering to the Covid-19 regulations, such as social distancing and the use of hand sanitiser.
Some of them would also hide the information from the funeral parlours that the deceased died from Covid-19 related complications.
This has angered the Chairperson of the BDCCC Fetsang Molosiwa, who said
that the fight against the virus cannot be easily won, if there is such unbecoming behaviour by some of members of the public.
“It is very disturbing and worrying to hear that some family members are completely ignoring the fact that Covid-19 is real and taking our lives at this rate, this behaviour is
reckless and cannot be allowed to continue, when are we going to learn that we all need to hold our hands together in fighting this monster,” said Molosiwa.

While Bojanala District remains a Covid-19 hotspot and currently sitting at 27 080 reported cases it contributes 47% of the total number of reported cases in the province.
“What is worrying the most is that, particularly in our villages, these family members continue to do this regardless of the advice given by the officials from funeral undertakers and we expect community members to reports such behavioural attitudes to the law enforcement authorities”, concluded Molosiwa,
Meanwhile, the District Municipal Health Services inspectors are making a serious progress as far as training of Funeral Undertakers across the district. To date, funeral undertakers from Moses Kotane Local Municipality, Madibeng Local Municipality and
Rustenburg Local Municipality have significantly benefited from this district initiative.
Basically the training among others entail, the handling of Covid-19 corpse and a safer way of using the provided personal protective equipment, (PPE). This is to ensure compliance during Covid-19 related burials.
Funeral undertakers have applauded the training they have received from the municipal health workers as they have brought knowledge and valuable skills in their

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