North West Schools ready for Monday Re-opening

The North West Department of Education MEC, Mmaphefo Matsemela expressed her confidence on school readiness for the Ventersdorp schools during her roadshow this week.

During her school readiness monitoring in the JB Marks Local Municipality, in area of Ventersdorp MEC Matsemela visited the Quintile 1 and Quintile 4 schools (No – fee and fee paying schools). She started her visit with the newly established Boikhutsong Primary school in Boikhutsong Village to monitor its readiness for the reopening of schools on Monday, 15 February 2021.

On her arrival at the school, Matsemela was pleased with the Covid-19 protocols prepared for learners once schools reopen. Matsemela also found parents who volunteered to clean the classes and school surrounding to welcome learners during the reopening of schools.

MEC Matsemela expressed her gratitude that finally the learners of Boikhutsong Village will be able to attend school in the locality.

“I am truly happy that the children of Boikhutsong Village will now be able to attend school in their locality, without traveling a long distance to other villages. We are going to build a brick and mortar school, now we have started with the mobile classrooms as a temporary measure.

“President Nelson Mandela indicated that, Education is the powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. As government we have brought this school for the children of Boikhutsong Village to reach their future dreams. I am appealing to the community to own and look after this important commodity”, said MEC Matsemela.

MEC Matsemela further pleaded with the teachers who were going to teach for the first time at the school. She pleaded with them to be loving parents to all learners and to work hard in producing the future engineers, doctors and many professionals.

The MEC visit further proceeded to Ventersdorp Hoerskool and Kgololosego Secondary school which are both situated in Ventersdorp.

MEC Matsemela expressed her satisfaction about the school readiness for the reopening on the 15 February 2021.

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