Taung Man Gets Life Imprisonment for Killing Wife

The Taung Magistrates Court sentenced Irvin Gaswane to life imprisonment for murdering his wife, Keromamang Kgaswane.

It is alleged that on 29 April 2016 an argument ensued between Gaswane and his wife at their matrimonial home. Following this argument, the wife left and went back to his birth home at Motsweding village in Taung.

It is alleged the following day Gaswane followed her to Motsweding Village and found her with their 15-year-old son. An argument allegedly ensued again between them and he took out a firearm and fatally shot her twice in the head and chest in front of their son.

He drove back to Mafikeng and handed himself to the police. It is alleged that on his way back to Mafikeng he disposed the firearm off as it was never recovered. Gaswane pleaded not guilty to murder.

His defence team argued that he was not himself when he committed the crime because he had consumed alcohol. They also argued that his intention was just to scare his wife but her provocation lead to him shooting her.

The prosecutor, Sandile Mbokazi dispelled the narrative by the defence team and argued that the murder was pre-meditated. He further argued that Gaswane was in a sensible state of mind when he murdered his wife. Kgaswane’s sister testified and said the two had long standing marital problems to a point where a family meeting was called to try and resolve their problems. The son also gave evidence on how his mother was brutally killed in front of him.

These sentiments were shared by the magistrate when passing sentence. He described Gaswane as a remorseless and cruel individual. He attributed this to his failure to call for medical help after shooting his wife.

The Director of Public Prosecutions in the North West division welcomed this sentence. She said this will send a strong message to those who continue to perpetuate gender based violence and femicide in our society and commended Msomi for a successful prosecution.

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