The North West Provincial Legislature will now have the TB Caucus. The caucus is aimed at ensuring that Members of the Provincial Legislature are advancing policies and discussions on TB and that services are sustained.

The caucus will also connect civil society organisations, the Department of Health and MPLs on exploring how Tb services are delivered to affected communities accordinly.

The Speaker of the Legislature, Sussana Dantjie together with the Department of Health and South African National AIDS Council launched the North West Provincial Legislature TB Caucus.

Dantjie said the caucus should also assist on ensuring that medication is delivered to patients in all the communities including rural communities. “We also want to support all groups and stakeholders who are involved on treatment and ending of TB as it kills more people than any other disease in the country. This stakeholder engagement process will also help on ensuring that the budget on eradication of the disease is spent accordingly and that there is proper oversight on management of the funds appropriated,” said Dantjie.

The caucus will be chaired by Deputy Speaker, Viola Motsumi, Kim Medupe, Bitsa Lenkopane, Hon Kerileng and Gavin Edwards.