Wagpos Secondary excellence in the field of agriculture

The North West Department of Education is excited about the continued success achieved by Wagpos Secondary school, an agricultural focused school just outside Brits in the Bojanala District.

The school’s consistent and deliberate practice on agriculture has made it to sell their food produce in the open market.

Learners are given an opportunity to not only obtain knowledge but also to gain skills.

MEC Matsemela visited Wagpos secondary during her roadshow to encourage underperforming schools. She congratulated Wagpos for their sterling achievements in the field of Agriculture.

“For any country to survive it needs food, therefore it is important that there should be people who continue to produces that food. Agriculture is an important subject for learners to learn the skill of producing food.

“On behalf of the department I would like to thank the entire staff of Wagpos Secondary for the sterling work in agriculture. Learners are practically given a skill of agriculture, it’s not only theory from the books. I have encouraged other nearby agricultural schools to visit Wagpos for reference,” said Matsemela.

Matsemela says all other agricultural schools should start now as procrastination is unacceptable.

The school has produced many professionals who are already contributing immensely in different fields including in agricultural studies.
It also boasts with technical, academic as well as agricultural fields of study, a variety of sports and loads of dramatic fun in cultural halls.

From civil technology to agricultural management, learners enjoy a practical learning experience.

Wagpos secondary celebrates 93 years of continuous success and this year offers 919 learners ample opportunities.

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