Baby Amo to be laid to rest on Sunday

Baby Amohelang Nkgatho who was brutally raped and murdered would be laid to rest in Maboloka near Brits on Sunday. The lifeless burnt body of the seven-year-old baby girl was found last Friday in the nearby bushes following a drastic search by community members and the police.

Outraged community members protested outside Brits Magistrate Court on Monday following the arrest of a 31-year-old suspect – Moshe Moses Makoso. The suspected refused to apply for bail and the case was postponed to July for further police investigations. Makoso apparently confessed to the killing and led the police to the place where the body was found. Madibeng Local Municipality Executive Mayor, Joseph Ratloi visited the family and sent heartfelt condolences.

“Information brought forward is that perpetrator on the 29th April 2021 invited three kids in the nearby bushveld which two of them were not wearing shoes and told them to go home to get shoes. Upon request they went to fetch their shoes and left the Amohelang with known perpetrator which then after their arrival there were nowhere to be found. 0818714248

It was such background that led community to confront the perpetrator and ask him where Amohelang was, he continued to deny knowing the whereabouts and subsequently agreed that he knows where Amohelang was at which he led the direction late night Thursday under watch of police officers. Fact that it was late and tensions were simmering police pleaded with family and community to proceed with the mission following day avoiding possible confrontations.

Indeed following day police did searched and finally found the lifeless body of Amohelang murdered and burned,” said Ratloi in a statement.

Amo’s Memorial Service:

Date: Saturday – 8 May 2021

Time: 12h00

Venue: Bataung Tribal Hall (next to clinic)

Burial Service:

Date: Sunday 09 May 2021

Time: 08h00

Venue: Young Stars Sports Ground (next to Edward Primary School)

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