The most hated man in Maboloka – Moshe

By Ananias Ndlovu

Messages of hatred and posters labelling Moses Moshe Makoso (31) a heartless killer who deserves to rot in jail are making rounds in and around Maboloka this weekend. Makoso was arrested last week after a body a seven year-old body was found burnt in the bushes. He appeared in the Brits Magistrate Court on Monday and his case postponed to July after he refused to apply for bail.

Some soocial media posts from outraged community members described Makoso as an animal and no longer needed in Maboloka. “He must rot in jail. He is an animal. We don’t want to see him any more in Maboloka,” read another post. Community members are organizing donations for Amo’s family. Most business and individuals are contributing.

Baby Amohelang Nkgatho who was brutally raped and murdered would be laid to rest in Maboloka near Brits tomorrow (Sunday). Today the memorial service starts at 12h00. We are live – don’t miss a thing!

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