The North West Transport Investment (NTI) has welcomed the new Acting Group Chief Executive Officer, Gobusamang Peter Moholo. Moholo is the current Chairperson of the North West Provincial Regulatory Entity (PRE). This announcement was made by the MEC for the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management, Sello Lehari at the meeting held with NTI Management in Mabopane. And, accompanying the MEC was Section 100 (1) (b) Administrator, Mathabatha Mokonyama, who was, until recently, also acting as interim GCEO. 
Moholo holds university qualifications in public administration and labourrelations. MEC Lehari said Mr Moholo will hold the fort until the NTI finalises the process of employing a new CEO, of which the process is underway.
“The process of shortlisting is about to start, however, no Government entity operates with a vacuum. We need someone to steer the ship whilst we finalise other processes. NTI is at precarious stage so we can’tafford to let it operate without a captain.” MEC Lehari said.
“Be open and honest with your colleagues about all the challenges you encounter. Create relationships with the unions. Talk to the workers. That way, your stay here will yield positive results.” MEC Lehariadded.
Furthermore, the MEC offered words of encouragement to the acting GCEO.
“Mr Moholo, a leader, is like a shepherd. He stays behind the flock, letting most to nibble and go ahead, then others will follow. Often oblivious of the fact that all along they are being shepherded from behind.” Said the MEC as he paraphrased former President Nelson Mandela. Moholo expressed gratefulness for the responsibility bestowed on him.
“It has not escaped me that the North West Government recently rescued the entity, NTI from a looming liquidation. I promise MEC Lehari as shareholder representative that I shall do everything in my power and capacity to ensure stability isrestored at the entity,” committed Moholo

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