Parent assaults school teacher

The North West Department of Education MEC Mmaphefo Matsemela strongly condemned the incident, which is circulating on social media, in which a 53-year-old female teacher was allegedly assaulted inside a Grade 6 classroom by a parent at Phera Primary School in Tsetse Village near Mafikeng on Monday, June 15, 2021.

The teacher who has over 10 years teaching experience was allegedly assaulted by a mother who has two children in Grade 4 and R respectively at the school. It is alleged the parent complained last week Thursday on why the teacher turned back her children for late coming. Upon investigation the department found that the two learners never arrived at school as their names did not appear on the screeners register on the said day.

MEC Mmaphefo Matsemela expressed her displeasure with the parent’s behaviour.

“On behalf of the department I would like to strongly condemn the alleged incident against one of our teachers. I am perturbed by the incident and the actions of this specific parent. Our teachers are beacons of hope and should be treated as such for their huge revolutionary role they play in educating our society.

“As a department we plead with parents to protect teachers and not to cause any harm on them. Teachers should be treated as a scarce commodity which needs to be protected by the entire society,” said MEC Matsemela.

The department dispatched a team of psychologists to conduct counselling to both teachers and learners at the school.

A case of assault was opened with the local police.

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