Churches appeal for lockdown cooperation

Mahikeng Ministers Fellowship (MMF) in the North West on Tuesday expressed its support to efforts to curb the spread of new Covid 19 infections and the dreaded third wave. This follows President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement of tighter adjusted Level 4 lockdown restrictions. MMF Spokesperson, Pastor Lesiba Kgwele said, “We are appealing to everyone to play their part by acting responsibly. The closure of churches as part of level 4 lockdown is a necessary intervention that requires us to resort to online services to continue ministering the Word of God to our congregations and the people of God.” Pastor Kgwele expressed MMF’s hope that those who have been myopic in their misguided calls for reopening of churches for maximum attendance will reconsider their position and embrace in the spirit of partnership the choice that government had to exercise to save lives and livelihoods. “As churches we cannot afford at this crucial moment to be negative, very good at finding faults but handicapped at equipping our congregants to be radiant, compassionate and spirit empowered in their daily lives. We are more than ever before required to positively comfort, encourage, inspire and give hope,” he stressed. The interdenominational association of members of the five-fold ministries has encouraged its members, their congregants and members of the public to register for covid-19 vaccination.

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