Vaccination Volunteers Needed

The President has stressed the need for the COVID-19 Vaccination rollout to be ramped up to reach the target of vaccinating 300 000 people per day. This will require increased human resources to assist at the vaccination rollout sites. The Vaccines4HealthCare Workers (V4HCW) platform has provided a registration portal for people to register as volunteers at vaccination sites. This was initially for HCW’s who received their vaccinations via the Sisonke trial and wanted to give back. Thereafter any interested South African has been able to register to volunteer in South Africa’s COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout.b

There is currently a large database of volunteers willing to volunteer from all 9 provinces. The volunteers range from Health Care Workers (HCW’s), Community Health Care Workers to non￾HCW’s. Only HCW’s who have completed the Knowledge Hub Vaccinator course or equivalent will be able to give the vaccinations, but anyone can assist in the roles of administration, patient screening, information sharing and marshalling to ensure social distancing is complied with at the sites. Many of the volunteers have full time weekday jobs so their availability is predominantly on weekends. For further information on how to register as a volunteer or to request contact details of volunteers
in your area to assist at Vaccination Sites please contact Dr Kerry Matthews, .

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