On Friday, 27 August 2021, the North West Provincial Legislature will host aCommonwealth Women’s Parliament and Multi-Party Women Caucus engagement under the theme: “Unleashing the power in empowered women,” at 10h00.

The NWPL CWP Chapter and Multiparty Caucus was launched by the Speaker, Hon. S R Dantjie on 28 February 2020 to give effect to the CWP Africa Region’s overarching goal and ensure that the North West Province participates in the global space created through the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA). At its core, the NWPL CWP Chapter and Multi-Party Women’s Caucus is about women in positions of influence advocating for the necessary and relevant change into the Legislature work for the benefit of women in North West Province. Women can use their presence in the Legislature to accelerate the development of women, and by being inclusive of all female Members of Parliament, regardless of political affiliation. The Chapter and Multiparty Women’s Caucus is also about the acceleration of gender mainstreaming within the Legislature and other state institutions in North West Province.  


At the event, women from different political parties as well as diverse structures will have an opportunity to deliberate on the effectiveness of women participation in social, economic and political environment and how that can be further improved to yield tangible results/outcomes.

The objectives of the NWPL CWP Women Empowerment Engagement will be:                                                                                   

·       To ensure that the NWPL develops activities/programmes linked to the National Development Plan and geared towards gender mainstreaming.

·       To make submissions and introduce women’s perspective and focusto the relevant partners;

·       To engage on developmental and empowerment issues with women in political structures outside the NWPL and women Members of Parliaments Nationally and Internationally.


The following thematic areas will be discussed at the event:

·       Women participation in radical economic transformation, rapid economic growth and job creation,

·       The influence of Women Caucus to legislations, and

·       Gender-responsive budgeting and economic recovery on partnership.

Members of the Provincial Legislature led by the Speaker, Hon. Dantjie and Chairperson of  NWPL CWP Chapter and Multi-Party Women’s Caucus, Hon. Bitsa Lenkopane as well as the Provincial female Members of the Executive Council, female Mayors and Speakers, female Municipal Managers, women in agriculture and some provincial non-governmental organisations advocating for women will attend the event.

The Commonwealth Women’s Parliament and Multi-Party Women Caucus Engagement will be live on NWPL Facebook page; Twitter page @NWPLegislature. Listen to the event live on the following Community Radio stations; Vaaltar fm, Aganang fm, Moeretele fm, Madibeng fm, Mafisa fm, Mafikeng fm, Bokone Bophirima fm, Ratlou fm, Bodumedi fm and Star fm. Women are encouraged to participate by submitting their inputs and asking relevant questions through the North West Provincial Legislature Facebook page.