Acting North West Premier closes Women’s Month in style

North West Province is under the leadership of woman Premier. The Acting Premier, Motlalepula Rosho did not waste anytime in office, she took to the streets today. Rosho who was accompanied by MEC for the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management, Sello Lehari and the Head of the Department Botlhale Mofokeng, led two joint law enforcement operations with other women in the South African Police Service, South African Defence Force and Traffic Management

The aim of the operation which started with a parade at the Police Head Quarters – TTA in Mahikeng, was to close down the Women’s Month and to continue to monitor Covid-19 compliance, crimes against women and children, illegal immigration, human trafficking as well as national road traffic act.

Acting Premier has applauded and appreciated the great work that women do to keep residents during and beyond women’s month safe whilst supported by men in the law enforcement agencies.

“Continue to do the great work. It can only be through you that we are able to restore law and order. You continue to demonstrate commitment at all material times to protect our communities, to protect our women and children. Many don’t know what you go through just to ensure law and order. Just know that we appreciate the great work that you do and you inspire a lot of people” remarked Acting Premier Rosho.

Over 94 vehicles were stopped and inspected. 205 people were searched. Offences encountered included driving un-roadworthy vehicles, driving without a valid driver’s licence, driving without wearing a safety belt, overloading and driving a vehicle with worn-out tyres. Over 13 offences were registered and charges issued.

Premier Rosho emphasized the need to work with communities especially young people to combat crime and deal with social ills.

“Let’s work with our communities so that they start to realise that, crime combating efforts will become much easier if they work with law enforcement agencies. We need to work with young boys so that we begin to crack issues like usage of Nyaope and other drugs. Dagga is now sold as biscuits or chocolates, and it’s a serious problem” said Acting Premier Rosho.

MEC for Community Safety and Transport Management, Sello Lehari said women in the police, defence and traffic management force are capable of delivering on their duties like their male counterparts.

“With this operation we want to show South Africans and residents of the province that women have the capacity and can do the work. It’s not a question of, you must be a woman and be promoted, but it is because they are capable. Women of this country, women of this province can do the work,” commented MEC Sello Lehari.

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