Premier elect – Bushy Maape now member of NW Provincial Legislature

Much anticipated swearing in of North West Premier elect, Bushy Maape finally took place. Maape’s selection as the up coming North West Premier was marked with controversy. Outgoing Premier, Job Mokgoro refused to resign to make space for Maape in the Legislature until he met President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Today, Wednesday, 01 September 2021, the Speaker of the North West Provincial Legislature, Sussana Dantjie presided over the swearing in of Maape as the new Member of the Provincial Legislature.

Maape was sworn in accordance with Section 107 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, which states that before a Member of a Provincial Legislature (MPL) begins to perform their functions in the Legislature, they must swear or affirm faithfulness to the Republic and obedience to the Constitution in accordance with Schedule 2.

The new member was sworn in to fill in the vacant seat of the African National Congress (ANC) that Prof Job Mokgoro, the former Premier of the North West Province left after serving his resignation letter as MPL last month.

Maape said he is greatful and honoured for the newly appointed position, and appreciated the task accorded to him by the African National Congress.

“I appreciate that the ruling party has taken confidence and entrusted me with this opportunity to rightfully serve the people of the North West Province”, said Hon. Maape.

Other due processes will unfold next week on 7 September 2021 during a Legislature House Sitting.

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