Pay service providers within 30 days – NW Government told

The North West Legislature Standing Committee on Provincial Public Accounts (SCOPA) chaired by Job Dliso has urged government departments and provincial entities to pay service providers within the stipulated 30 day period as per Public Finance Management Act and Treasury Regulations. This follows a meeting with the Public Service Commission chaired by the Commissioner, Dr. Mooletsi Leballo over North West departments’ compliance with Treasury Regulations to pay suppliers within 30 days of valid invoices.

According to Dr. Leballo, provincial departments had the highest number of invoices older than 30 days which were not paid as at the end of the 2nd  Quarter for the 2020/21 financial year. “There has not been any major improvement in the payment of suppliers for quarter 3 (December 2020) in comparison with quarter 2 (September 2020) of the 2020/21 financial year.  We request the Legislature as an oversight body to ensure that departments comply with relevant regulations and if there is any misconduct, consequence management should be implemented accordingly as it is our people who suffer at the hands of government,” said Dr. Leballo.

Hon. Dliso said the failure to pay service providers on time will affected the economy which has already been crumbled by the Covid-19 pandemic. “Non-payment of service providers is demoralising. Where there is misconduct, departments should hold officials accountable through consequence management. We have also urged the Acting Premier together with the Provincial Treasury to raise and monitor the issue at EXCO meetings so that the service providers can be paid accordingly,” said Hon. Dliso.

He said the PSC should submit a list of all complaints it registered on the matter and how some of them were resolved. “We also need a full list and comprehensive report on the departments that are not complying so that we can hold them accountable as the Legislature,” said Hon. Dliso.

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