Finally – North West elect its Premier

Keaobitsa Bushy Maape is now officially North West Premier. Maape was elected in the North West Provincial Legislature today. Maape’s election as North West Premier ends wild spread mix reactions among ANC members in the North West. Other members are not happy while others welcomed his new role.

The Chief Whip of the African National Congress (ANC) in the North West Provincial Legislature, Paul Sebegoe congratulated Maape describing his election as victory against reactionary forces opposed to transformation.
“Despite much hype by doomsayers from opposition parties that sought to project the ANC as a divided party, the unity of the ANC Caucus has prevailed reaffirming the centrality of the ANC and its determination to deepen transformation and accelerate service delivery to our communities,” highlighted Sebegoe on behalf of the ANC Caucus.  
Sebegoe expressed appreciation to Finance MEC Motlalepula Rosho who acted as Premier after the resignation of former Premier Job Mokgoro while administrative processes were unfolding for the Premier elect to be sworn in.
He stressed that though there was a slight delay while the administrative processes were being sorted, this is part of a democracy which requires compliance with relevant electoral laws and procedures.
“The democratic outcome has paved the way not only for the provincial legislature but the ANC collective deployed to the institutions to relentlessly pursue its objective to serve the people of the North West who are yearning for accelerated service delivery and good governance,” he emphasised.
Sebegoe expressed confidence that Premier Maape will pursue unity and renewal in order to fast track service delivery as well as restore confidence in public institutions.  
“We appeal to all sections of our society, i.e. traditional leaders, labour, business, churches, faith-based-organisations, civil society and non-government organisations to support him in carrying out the governance mandate bestowed upon him,” he underscored. 

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