Impounded cars burnt to ashes at Rustenburg’s Traffic Offices

Police are investigating a case of arson after five cars caught fire at the Rustenburg Public Safety offices.

According to the Municipal Spokesperson, Thapelo Matebesi, unknown fire broke out just about after 6pm, on Tuesday, 21 September
2021, at the Rustenburg Local Municipality’s Traffic offices. Matebesi said five old, impounded vehicles due for auction, were burnt in the process.

“However, the Municipality’s fire and emergency services department managed to extinguish fire after about 45 minutes before it could spread further, which could have resulted in further extensive damages. Fortunately, the entire administration block was not affected, as the fire started and was confined to the pound section of the facility. Therefore, the normal day-to-day administrative duties were not impeded. The cause of fire is still unknown at this stage, as police are still investigating, after the case of arson was reported,” said Matebesi.

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