Medical Examination for Zimbabwean murder accused

The Mogwase Magistrates Court postponed the murder case against Nancy Majonhi (42) to 19 October 2021 for a medical report.

The postponement was effected due to Majonhi’s ill-health which also prevented her from appearing again in court today. Her bail application is due to be heard following two postponements owing to her ill-health. The court ordered that she be subjected to a health and mental examination before the bail hearing can commence.

Police reports reveal that Nancy Majonhi was staying with her husband, Prosper Chipungare (44) at a rented room in Ledig near Sun City when they had a fight on Tuesday, 28 July 2015.

Majonhi allegedly assaulted her husband with a hammer until he fainted. She then hacked him with a spade and threw the body parts into three different pit latrines before cleaning the crime scene out. Subsequent to the alleged killing, she went to Sun City police station where she reported her husband as missing.

Majonhi allegedly departed to Zimbabwe where she later confessed to her family and in-laws that she killed her husband. The families arranged to come to South Africa, Sun City where the accused handed herself over to the police. She later pointed the police to the different pit latrines where she threw the body parts, six years ago.

An investigation by the police is underway and they managed to retrieve a skull and bones which will be subjected to DNA tests.

She will remain in police custody while undergoing the health and mental examination before her next court appearance.

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