More traffic vehicles for North West

North West Premier, Bushy Kaobitsa Maape has pleaded with traffic officers to crack the whip against motorist who are flouting the law as the province is gearing itself towards the December holiday festivities. Fifty-one (51) branded traffic vehicles were handed over to the provincial traffic authorities. These are ongoing efforts by the provincial government to enforce the law and ensure road safety ahead of the festive season.   

“We now have enough vehicles for better visibility on the roads of our province. The time for reckless driving is over. We are going to occupy all the roads and enforce the law, particularly on motorist who might want to cause or danger on the lives of other motorists” remarked Premier Maape.

Premier Maape who was accompanied by MEC for Community Safety and Transport Management, Sello Lehari also handed over four (4) vehicles to each district for the monitoring of learner transport.

“We expect these vehicles to be our ears and eyes particularly in making sure that there is compliance in relation to the transportation of scholars. This includes making sure that the buses are road worthy and teaching and learning is not hampered with”.

The Premier also used the opportunity to urge law enforcers to get vaccinated as front-line workers to protect themselves and those around them.

“Covid-19 pandemic remains a cause for concern in the province. We have so far passed the one million mark of people who are vaccinated. We need to pull together and get more people into our vaccination sites. We need to reach population immunity by December so that our lives can go back to normal. 

“Our economy has suffered serious shocks as a result of the pandemic and by reaching population immunity we will be able to resuscitate the economy and enable government to create jobs and address the triple challenges of unemployment, poverty and income inequalities,” concluded Premier Maape.

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