To mark this year’s  World Food Day, the North West Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has provided residents of Goedgevonden, Tsetse, Boikhutso, Boikhutsong, Appledraai, Wilgevonden, Mafole and Mogopa with agri-starter packs to begin their own food production.

In an event held today, 27 October 2021 at Goedgevonden Sports Ground, residents from the said villages received vegetable seedlings, tools to work gardens, fruit trees and indigenous chickens for rearing amongst others.

The department also volunteered the service of expanding the vegetable garden of one of the schools in Goedgevonden.

The objectives of the Provincial World Food Day amongst others, is to heighten public awareness on issues of poverty, hunger and malnutrition and to further raise awareness on the different products that constitute a balanced diet.


Through the food security programme, the department is able to support communities with interest in agriculture with these starter kits to help them break the cycle of poverty, increase food security, create job opportunities and enhance household income.

Amid the COVID 19 pandemic, this year’s commemoration challenged residents to think of food as a symbol of hope, care, dignity and strength. In response to the humanitarian challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in humanitarian challenges, MEC Desbo Mohono provided affected families with agri-packs for household consumption.

Beneficiaries of these agri-packs were identified by the department working together with the provincial Department of Social Development.

Addressing the gathering, MEC Mohono said her department will continue to put in resources and efforts to tackle food insecurity at community and household levels.

“Food insecurity remains a pervasive and serious problem. Many of our people, especially those residing in the rural areas, still regularly find themselves living in poverty and without sufficient access to affordable and nutritious food.

“So we will continue with what we have been doing in every corner of our province which is providing vulnerable households access to a stable, safe, nutritious food source. It is also about providing our citizens with dignity and wellbeing,” MEC Mohono said.

One of the beneficiaries Dinah Dichi from Goedgevonden was extremely happy to have received agri-packs from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. “I am over the moon. I am grateful to be amongst those who have received fruit trees and chickens,” She expressed.

Nomathemba Phaphama from the same village said she was also happy with what she had received. “This is for my children’s future,” she said referring to the chickens she received from the department.

“It’s now up to us as to what we are going to do with all these implements the department has helped us with,” Nomathemba concluded.  

The occasion also confirms the commitment made by the department that food should become a human right for all, and that everyone should have access to safe and nutritious food which is consistent with the right to adequate food and the fundamental right of everyone to be free from hunger.


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