Elections – Results coming in as 27% of votes counted

The Electoral Commission reports
that as at 10h30 this morning, 27 per cent of the 64 502 results expected had been
finalized. This status is in line with expected result capturing process. It is estimated
that 90 per cent of results would be finalized by evening. The balance of 10 per cent
would take another 24 hours to complete.
The Northern Cape has completed 74 percent of its results, followed by Western Cape at 46 per cent and in third position comes Free State at 26 percent. The rest of the provinces completion rate range between 15 and 37 per cent.
The result capturing involves are a number of processes including the verification of
the result slips, the capturing, scanning and the auditing of the results. An independent
audit firm have been procured for purposes of auditing the results.
“The Commission would like to call upon all leaders of political parties to act and speak
responsibly as the result collation process unfolds. As you will recall, the Commission
had anticipated the prospect of a lower voter turnout already in July and approached the Constitutional Court. Nonetheless, the Commission implemented an extensive education and communication campaign to ensure that voters turnout to out. This included educational programmes that assured voters that it will safe to be at a voting station.
Furthermore, it is important to realize that voter turnout is a multifaceted phenomenon
influenced by different factors. Some of the elements that motivate voters to go relate
to factors outside of the purview of the Commission such as disruptions to services,
levels of trust in political institutions. Regrettably, unwarranted attacks on the
Commission could potentially also influence voter turnout.
In the analysis of voter turnout, the COVID context in which the election happened
should not be forgotten,” Sy Mamanolo – Chief Electoral Officer.

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