KFC Chicken supplier not leaving North West

Supreme Poultry, a company that supplies KFC with chickens is not leaving North West. The Executive Management of the company has confirmed that the allegations that they planning to relocate from North West are not true. This follows a stakeholder engagement meeting led by North West Premier, Kaobitsa Maape and Deputy Minister for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Obed Bapela.

The primary objective of the meeting was to find lasting solutions for a number of challenges raised by Supreme Poultry.

During the engagements the Chief Executive of the company, Brendon de Boer raised concerns over water interruptions and the impact of electricity outages as a result of load shedding. The operations of the company had also been disrupted by protests from a sector of the community which had resulted in intermittent disruptions to production. He stated that the company was seeking effective law enforcement in order to ensure continuity of operations.

“Supreme has invested significantly in the North West in the North West Province and with the support of government would like to maintain this investment and where possible look at further investment. The ability to do so would be dependent on an effective working relationship with Government and all Supreme’s stakeholders. Today’s engagement has gone a long way towards strengthening our relationship with government, and we look forward to building on this into the future” said Mr de Boer.

Premier Maape indicated that the role of government is to create a conducive environment in which business is able to
thrive. Critically government will on a continuous basis hold stakeholder engagements with the company in order to ensure that any outstanding issues are resolved.

Since his election the Premier has been crisscrossing the province meeting with various stakeholders in an effort to build investor confidence and to establish working relationships with all sectors of society.

“We have to be a responsive
government and if there is any issue that warrants our attention we will definitely intervene and resolve these matters. Covid-19 has had serious financial implications for the country and we need to preserve the jobs we have while working on luring investments to the province. This will help us fight the scourge of unemployment and poverty plaguing our communities” remarked Premier Maape. 

The Premier has established an
Interdepartmental War Room that will on a continuous basis monitor challenges of service delivery and attend to them promptly. This includes the development of an Accelerated Service Delivery Plan for the province.

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