Three life-terms and 45 years in prison for Kgabalatsane rapist

The High Court of South Africa; North West Division sitting at the Ga-Rankuwa Regional Court, sentenced Solomon Given Tabane to three life-terms on two counts of murder and one of rape. He was further sentenced to a combined 45 years for other serious offences.

Tabane was sentenced to 15 years for robbery with aggravating circumstances, 10 years for unlawful possession of a firearm, 10 years for possession of ammunition, 5 years for possession of a firearm in a separate incident and 5 years for possession of ammunition.

The Judge, S. Snyman ordered the sentence to run concurrently. He will effectively serve one life-term in prison and he pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Tabane’s conviction emanates from an incident that took place on 01 December 2018 where he met a couple walking at night in Ga-Rankuwa. He approached the couple with an intention to commit a crime. He then shot and killed the boyfriend and subsequently raped his girlfriend before fleeing the scene.

In a separate incident that took place on 22 December 2018 at Kgabalatsane near Ga-Rankuwa, Tabane approached a group of young people who are said to be cousins. He then produced a firearm with an intention to commit an offence, to which he shot and killed a 19-year-old girl. He then robbed them three cellphones and a powerbank. The deceased was awaiting her matric examination results which came a few days after her passing, having passed with a university entrance.

In his argument for the court not to deviate from the prescribed minimum sentence, Advocate Theo Moetaesi described Tabane as a ruthless and remorseless individual who has no respect for human life. He further argued that Tabane took advantage of the harmless individuals who posed no harm to him.

In meeting out the sentence, Judge Snyman described Tabane as a remorseless person who took away young innocent lives. She further indicated that his actions will leave the families and friends of the deceased with long term emotional distress. She further declared him unfit to posses a firearm.

The Acting Director of Public Prosecutions in the North West, Dr Rachel Makhari-Sekhaolelo commended the investigating officer from the SAPS as well as the prosecutor for a well collaborated effort, which resulted in a successful conviction.

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