Four of the nine escapees arrested in Taung

Pudimoe police re-arrested four of the nine escapees at Myra village, Taung through assistance of members of the community on Thursday.

It is alleged that the escapees were re-arrested after law abiding citizens alerted the police about the presence of the escapees in the village. The police reacted to the information and re-arrested Thabo Pita (24), Thabo Edward Bankies (31) Thabo Aaron Mokwena (46) and Lekhoa Methola (44). Three of the re-arrested escapees are Lesotho nationals while one is a South African. At the time of the escape, Thabo Pita and Lekhoa Methola were held as undocumented persons and awaiting deportation while Thabo Mokwena and Thabo Edward Bankies were facing charges of robbery aggravating and attempted murder respectively. They are all expected to appear in the Schweizer- Reneke Magistrates’ Court on Monday, 29 November 2021.

Meanwhile, the police are still working hard to trace and re-arrest the remaining five escapees who escaped on Friday, 12 November 2021, from lawful custody after overpowering police officials. They are: Refuoe Zwakala (30), Lebogang Makume (31), Isaac Polanka Ramotsapi (35), Lebajwa Raphael Sewete (29), and Thabiso Bereng (34). Lebogang Makume was facing a charge of robbery aggravating at the time of the escape while the other four were in detention as undocumented persons and also awaiting deportation.

Investigation into the matter including circumstances that led to the escape, continues.

The police request anyone with information that can assist in the re-arrest of the remaining five escapees, to contact the nearest police station or the Investigating Officer, Detective Sergeant Zwelinzima Ngwenya on 082 373 7194.

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