Dinokana residents shutdown N4

If you are travelling on the N4 towards Dinokana, try to use an alternative route. Residents of Ikageleng section have barricaded the N4 road with tree branches , allegedly complaining about lack of water.

The Department of Community Safety and Transport Management pleads with Dinokana residents to open the N4. This, due to a protest by community members of Ikageleng Section in Dinokana, Zeerust.

The MEC for the Department, Sello Lehari has requested co-operation from the community. He adds that he is pleading with the Dinokana residents to open the road and exercise a little patience as government tries to intervene.

MEC Lehari says government knows and understand that members of the community have a right to express themselves, however this should not infringe with the rights of others.

The N4, Dinokana is currently closed and road users are urged to use alternative routes.

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies are monitoring the situation.

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