Coligny Man in court for killing his 10-month-old baby

The Coligny Magistrates’ Court postponed a case against Klaas Kgasi to 17 January 2022 for legal representation and formal bail application. He appeared in court for the alleged murder of his 10-month-old baby boy.

Police reports reveal that Kgasi and his girlfriend attended a party on Saturday night, 1 January 2022 at the Tlhabologang location in Coligny, and while at the party the accused reportedly took the child from the mother to his Aunt’s place at Extension 3. Upon his return after a while, he gave his girlfriend the blanket that the baby was wrapped with and they subsequently went back to their home.

The report further reveals that on Sunday 2 January 2022, neighbours notified Kgasi’s girlfriend about a baby’s body that was discovered behind their shack. Police were called to the scene and they discovered the baby’s body that had severe assault wounds and bruises. Kgasi was arrested and charged with murder and will remain in police custody until his next court appearance.

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